What did the ht3b turbo come on

Discussion in ' Dodge 4x4 ' started by LanceFeb 29, Log in or Sign up. Twin turbo Discussion in ' Dodge 4x4 ' started by LanceFeb 29, Feb 29, 1. I am thinking about doing a twin turbo setup, do you guys think it will be ok for off roading and towing, as well as burning the occasional ricer?

LanceFeb 29, Feb 29, 2. Boy are you posting in the wrong location. Either go do the diesel forum on this site, or better yet go to turbodieselregister. Feb 29, 3. Feb 29, 4. In his defense, he isn't in the entirely wrong place. It should probably be in the Diesel forum, but the Dodge section will get more exposure read: more replies. However, he did ask if it was still acceptable for off-roading, hence the reason why he's on here.

I know second hand advice isn't always as reputable, but there is a Chevy Suburban in the latest Four Wheeler with a 24 Valve Twin Turbo set up. Being in the Top Truck Entries I would think he wheels it a good bit. Waiting for more replies as I am also interested in this question. EDIT: On different boards, I've read post by various sled pullers who run twin set ups that say they do occasional light wheeling.

However, I don't know if they'd stand up to some of the situations you've been in Lance. Shoot Csutton7 a PM. He could possibly know.View Full Version : Holset turbo info. Competition Diesel. Trying to gather info on all the Holset models for sizing and interchange reasons. Any info or part numbers you can contribute will be appreciated.

HX40 60mm inducer. This is all from my memory, add or correct as possible. I know we run HT80's on our vehicles at work. I have no specs but if I can run them down I will post them. HX35 are 8 blade 56mm on the pre On I don't have a pic of the 14cm housing for the HX but I had one a few years back, I believe it had come from Bill Robbins.

Piers took a gated 14cm housing for a 35 and machined it for a 40, runs that with a 3B on his 12V 78 Ford. HT3B's have different size compressors too, I know mine has a 74mm and I have seen 77mm. HX vs HT? I doesn't matter except for the interchange. We do need a full list of hx40 wheels, although I don't see why you would want them.

There was also mention of turbine wheels either, which can vary as well. Jim I've thought about trying this, haven't had a need to yet though. Maybe it was 16cm? Because there is a 56mm billet comp wheel that will out flow and spool way faster than a 60mm comp wheel.

Also HX50 can be with 17cm non-wastegate houssing. HX50 exhaust housing can machine to fit to HX See red lettering. HX50 housings - 17, 19, 22, and 25 all NG. HX60 housings - 25, 27, 32, and 36 all NG. Not sure on WG housing options for these. Here are some interesting facts directly from Holset engineering, the 67mm billet compressor wheel in the HX52 flows up to cfm and the 71mm compressor wheel found in the PRO52 and most HX55s flows up to cfm.

I'm starting to think Holsets are very under rated. What applications used HX52? D12d Volvo truck engines use a HX52 turbo. This is different from the pro 52 though. There are so many holsets out there its crazyI have 9cm 11cm and 13 cm that will fit HX50s bolt on turbine they are t4 style cept for the 11 its vband hx52 and Is it possible to use a heve as single turbo on a HT4B 83mm or 85mm comp wheel?

Were both available? Found a few conflicting posts on here.View Full Version : Turbos. Competition Diesel. Ok I have the following Brand new BEX-4 waste gated turbine- been gasket matched at the flange, and the compressor and turbine cases were sent out to Jet-Hot Coatings.

I am pairing this up with a clean told 4 month old HT3B turbo- comes with hot pipe and cold pipe Next S Turbo- 74mm- Polished compressor case. Ported flange. Ready for thermal coatings- smoothed turbine housing. Make offer Forrest there's one on the B-1 not pictured not one on the HT3B- external would be required What is the turbine housing on the s??

I believe its a 1. Wish I had money for the S Boy I sure hope you still the s-4 in a week or two. I should have my redline or twins sold by then IS the s-4 a 2. I really want to stay with a built Still got the 40 Jeff??

I really want to stay with a built 28 Says it's a 74mm ChrisStill have the I will entertain offers on all turbos. I think I have an HX 35 available alsoHolset Turbochargers are synonymous with turbomachinery and air handling excellence across the globe.

Engineered and manufactured by Cummins Turbo Technologies, Holset Turbochargers have set the standard for turbocharger technology and design in the mid-range and heavy-duty diesel engine market for over 60 years.

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what did the ht3b turbo come on

This material, provided by Holset is not to be reproduced, copied or re-posted to any personal or private website. Any duplication for needs other than listed above is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent of Holset Turbochargers. Holset Turbochargers are the only manufacturer that focuses solely on medium to heavy-duty diesel engine turbo technologies.

M923A1 with NTC 400 - HT3B Turbo - Boost Test # 2

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That is why using the correct replacement parts is more important today than ever before. This websites purpose is to help educate customers about the benefits of utilizing genuine Holset products. Neither Holset, nor Cummins are responsible for the content displayed. By using this website you are agreeing that you are using it for no other purpose than to obtain more information about where to purchase authorized Holset replacement parts and services.

To contact My Holset Turbo, fill out the form by clicking the link below and send us any inquires or suggestions you may have for us. Cummins Turbo Technologies. Holset Partner Zone.Exact same part sold at the dealership.

what did the ht3b turbo come on

This is an exact, direct fit replacement turbo. Guaranteed OEM quality available. Previous Version:,,, AR, AR, AR, AR, AR, The most reliable way to make sure the model of turbocharger is finding the part number from the nameplate of your old turbocharger. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us. Core Rebate Offer. Although it is not required, we would like to request that you return your old core back to us.

A return shipping label will be provided. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to process your refund. All of new turbochargers come with a full 1 Year Warranty. Our warranty covers us sending a replacement part and getting the defective or damaged part back. The warranty does not cover anything else.

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what did the ht3b turbo come on

If we paid to ship a part to you, and you return it to us, the amount we paid to ship that part will be deducted from the refund. Standard returns can be processed within 30 days of purchase. Returning any installed parts will result in no refund, no exceptions. We will arrange to get you a replacement part if the part fails after installation or, if by mistake the wrong part is sent. Please contact us for further info on our warranties.

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Holset Model Information

International shipment is shipped via USPS, transit time does fluctuate. International customers are responsible for any and all taxes, duties, or other additional fees associated with the delivery. Contact Us. Should you have any questions both before buying or after you have purchased the item, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service support team. Communication is very important and we will try our best to assist all our customers.

If you need to get ahold of a representative you can message us through eBay or search Turbopark online. We are closed during the weekend and holidays and may not be available to respond to emails or messages during those times.Discussion in ' Tow Rigs and Trailers ' started by stevewesNov 18, Log in or Sign up.

I wanted better spool than the II Silver 62 I had, with good top end, and the ability to support around hp. Its not complete, but making good progress. I should be done within a week or two. Here are the pix i have so far. Gutted Some parts two 55psi pop-offs with weld-on bungs soldnoid plug for the HE manifold is painted with VHT paint manifold flipped got my big turbo oil feed and drain on oil drain for the 3B got this housing for the HE with a spring wastegate, the cold pipe, hot pipe, and the 3B from a guy on another forum.

Joined: Apr 28, Location: Raleigh. BenjieNov 18, Joined: Mar 17, Location: Raleigh. I will be watching. Joined: Dec 19, Location: Hudson. My eyes got really big when I started looking at the pics What other mods to you have done? Joined: Oct 23, Location: Asheville. Joined: Apr 6, Location: Morganton. Joined: Mar 20, Location: Lexington. These going to have enough flow to effectively relieve you of unwanted pressure?? I see higher pressures in your future as a result of low flow rates.

SpenceNov 18, While you've got it apart, it would benefit you greatly to put a 3 piece exhaust manifold on the truck.

It's not a matter of if the stock manifold cracks but a matter of when it cracks. HurdtNov 18, Joined: Feb 22, Location: Statesville. HurleyNov 19, Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by bgxpressJan 30, Log in or Sign up.

Find Trucking Jobs. Jan 30, 1. I'm going o be swapping out my turbo on my N14 and was wondering if theres a better turbo then the original out there as cost wont vary that much.

Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Jan 31, 2. I've heard that a ht is better than a hx but I don't know for sure.

Call Michigan turbo or pittsburgh power they should have something, not sure on cost. Feb 3, 3. PDI has some but look more expensive than the others. Feb 4, 4.

What turbo for nhc 250

Always take your engine serial number to the Cummins distributer and get the proper turbo that the engine calls for. Always use genuine Cummins parts because of warranty issues. If you use a competitor part because it is "better" you will still get a great warranty for the turbo only. If the turbo blows down the road and causes progessive damage, damage to the rest of the engine, if you used a non-Cummins part the warranty will not cover damage to the engine!

Cummins warranty with the Cummins part will cover damage to the engine and in most cases cleaning or replacement of air-to-air. In the long run we never recommend using competitor parts for that reason.

Hope this helps. HeavydFeb 4, Feb 4, 5. Feb 4, 6. V8LennyFeb 4, Feb 5, 7. I read that on a site for little 5. Feb 5, 8. Feb 6, 9.